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Anhui Fengyang Glass Co., Ltd., founded in March 2007, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in Float glass and its deep processing, production and service, and also the first investment attraction enterprise to settle in Fengyang Ningguo Modern Industrial Park. After more than ten years of continuous consolidation and development, the company has completed an investment of more than 1.5 billion yuan, covering a total area of 910 mu, has a production line with a daily output of 600 tons of Float glass and 700 tons of photoelectric glass, has a Quartzite mine and a thousand ton special wharf, in order to make full use of its own advantages, extend the industrial chain, improve the added value of products, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the company. On January 6, 2020, the subsidiary "Anhui Fengbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." was established to build an energy-saving and low radiation LOW-E glass smart factory project relying on the glass chips of the existing two Float glass production lines. Three energy-saving and low radiation LOW-E Glass production lines were built in three phases, and the supporting tempered, hollow and Laminated glass production lines. The annual production capacity of LOW-E glass, LOW-E tempered insulating glass and Laminated glass is 27 million square meters. After the project is fully put into operation, it can increase annual sales revenue by nearly 1.3 billion yuan and net profit by 170 million yuan. In order to achieve leapfrog development of the company, the subsidiary "Anhui Fengbo Jinneng Technology Co., Ltd." was established on September 30, 2022. The project plans to cover an area of 170 acres, with a total construction area of 70000 square meters, including supporting facilities such as factory buildings, warehouses, office buildings, and site hardening. Construction will be carried out in three phases, with an annual output value of 1-1.1 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 80 million yuan. The number of employees can reach 340. Under the national policy of energy conservation, emission reduction, and carbon peaking, Fengbo Jinneng will continue to work hard and strive for photovoltaics!

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LOW-E glass

Product Description:

LOW-E glass, also known as Low emissivity, is composed of multi-layer metals or compounds coated on the glass surface under vacuum

The coating layer has the characteristics of high transmittance to visible light and high reflection to mid far infrared ray.

Product characteristics:

Compared with ordinary glass and traditional architectural coated glass, it has excellent thermal insulation effect and good transparency choice

Choice of sex and rich colors; It can also block a large amount of ultraviolet radiation transmission and prevent indoor items from fading.

Application field:

LOW-E glass has been widely used in glass curtain walls, low energy consumption buildings, Car glass and other fields.


Float glass is a high-quality flat glass produced by a specific process, which has excellent optical and mechanical properties. This glass was proposed by French chemist Amon and British chemist Pell, known as the "float method". Currently,

Float glass has become the leading product in the market, with a wide range of applications.


Photovoltaic building integrated glass is one of the most innovative high-tech glass products used in buildings. Can withstand wind pressure and larger.The temperature difference between day and night changes. It has the advantages of aesthetics, controllable light transmission, energy-saving power generation, no need for fuel, no waste gas, no waste heat, no waste residue, and no noise pollution, and is widely used


Product Description:

Non standard photovoltaic modules usually refer to customized or unconventional shaped solar cell modules. Their descriptions may involve personalized features such as shape, size, and material to meet the needs of specific projects or venues.

Product features:

Strong adaptability, able to meet different building or terrain requirements, providing more flexible installation options. In addition, customized design of non-standard photovoltaic modules can optimize energy collection efficiency and improve overall performance.

Application areas:

covering integrated building photovoltaics, solar art decoration, mobile device charging stations, etc. The unique shape and design of non-standard photovoltaic modules in landscape architecture, agricultural land, marine platforms, and other environments make their applicability more widespread.

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